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Our vision provider network gives you access to a large national network of independent vision providers and optical retail outlets. You can search by location or provider's name. If you cannot find a provider near you, please contact us at (888) 400-9304 and allow us to help.

While we strive to provide the most up-to-date provider list for our members, an eye care professional or optical shop may no longer participate in our network. Not all providers at an office may participate in the network. Likewise, providers who practice at multiple locations may not participate at all locations. Only providers listed at an office participate in the network for that particular location. We encourage you to contact your selected vision care provider before your visit to confirm that they still participate in the network listed on your ID card.

Please notify us of any inaccuracies by calling (888) 400-9304 or by email. A non-electronic copy of the provider directory may be obtained free of charge by contacting us at (888) 400-9304.

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Information about this Directory:
Information included in this directory is accurate, to the best of our knowledge, as of the date of the last update. Providers who are approved will be added to the Directory of Participating Providers, in a consistent manner with information obtained during the credentialing process, during the next scheduled directory update. We update our provider directories nightly, when informed of and upon confirmation that provider demographic information has changed.

Covered persons, or prospective covered persons, should consult our electronic provider directory on our website or call (888) 400-9304 to obtain current provider directory information. Participation by providers listed in this directory is not guaranteed and may be subject to change as the listing is updated. Please confirm with your provider that they are currently participating in the network before you schedule or receive care.

Building a Network for YOU
When building our provider network, we consider a provider's ability to meet the access needs of our members and our credentialing standards. Our network of participating providers has been rigorously reviewed for competency and contracted to follow specified guidelines, including meeting standards of care, meeting rules and regulations of their jurisdiction, and complying with HIPAA. Providers are welcome to join our network if they agree to the participation terms in the contract and meet our provider credentialing standards. Each provider must meet credentialing standards prior to network participation and maintain those same standards for continued participation. The credentialing process helps ensure each provider possesses the professional credentials, including licensing, experience, and training, to provide you with quality care.

Vision: Our plans utilize the First Look Vision Network, which includes independent optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticals and retail stores like Walmart Vision Center, America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, and Target Optical.

If your current provider is not listed, refer them for recruitment here. Please be sure to include the provider’s name, office name, and location information (at a minimum the city and state). We will invite them to join our growing network.

Vision services covered by our vision plans can be supported by optometrists and do not require the services of an ophthalmologist. When we receive a nomination for an ophthalmologist, we recruit them as an accommodation and to help prevent disruption.

Please note Walmart locations will not extend discounts on frames above the plan allowance, lens options, contact lenses or contact lens fittings.

Learn about how to use your benefits at Costco Optical locations here.

Some providers may not offer discounts on prestige frames or amounts over the allowed benefit.

Access to In-Network Providers
Because we do business across many different jurisdictions and because state and/or federal regulations generally require network accessibility standards specific to a certain jurisdiction and/or line of business, we do not have a single set of network accessibility standards. We adopt the accessibility standards applicable for each jurisdiction and line of business. Our provider recruitment strategy is designed to meet the network accessibility needs of our clients. A copy of our Network Access Plan is available on the member/provider portal and upon request by calling (888) 400-9304.

Members may seek covered services from an in-network or out-of-network provider without preauthorization or referral. If there are no participating providers in your area, please contact us for assistance at (888) 400-9304.

Interpreter Services & Translation:
We offer interpreter service for non-English speaking members, at no cost to the enrollee. Our service interprets over 180 languages and dialects, and documentation translation is available in over 150 languages. If you require language assistance, please contact our Contact Center at (888) 400-9304 to be connected to an interpreter or request document translation.

Equal Access to Covered Services:
We offer full and equal access to covered services, including members with disabilities, as required under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Please contact our Contact Center at (888) 400-9304 if you require accommodations.